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Alchemy Crystal Sound Journey with Rachel Laing

  • Karma Collab Hub 47 Lemana Lane Miami Australia (map)

Come and experience an Alchemy Crystal Sound Journey at Karma Collab Hub with Rachel Laing, an intuitive sound healer from Sydney. She has been travelling the east coast of Australia sharing sound journeys at festivals, gatherings, yoga studios, healing hubs and private sessions.

Rachel performs with up to 15 Crystal Singing Bowls in 432hz tuning, made from an array of crystals including Kyanite, Celestite, Apophyllite, Imperial Topaz, Diamond, Ruby, Selenite, Morganite to name a few, and uses extra sensory components like oils, chimes and bells to clear the space and hold energy for your healing journey.

Rachel is a professional singer with over a decade o experience and uses her voice with the bowls to create a hypnotic sound scape that usually leads participants into a state of trance where deep healing can occur.

**This is a limited capacity event

**Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and eye mask - you are also welcome to bring a crystal to work with for the session.

**Perfect for beginners in meditation!

This is a rare opportunity to be bathed in healing crystal vibrations, clear emotional blockages, release trauma, raise your vibration and connect to your highest self.