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Renaissance of the Soul

  • Karma Collab Hub 47 Lemana Lane Miami Australia (map)

The 'New Norm' is Pulling You Away From Innate Abilities, Connections & Manifestations...It's Time to Reconnect with Your Innate Wisdom Without Interference!

We are in times of massive flux, chaos, and confusion. Yet these are truly transformational times with massive opportunities for each of us to live the life we choose.

Yet many are becoming more and more impacted by the ‘White Noise’ of the society we live in. This is created by the electrical boxes we live in, the Wi-Fi we use, the bombardment of information and misinformation from so many sources, and the collective consciousness of fear, that is being fuelled on planet earth. This is causing the agitated state of mind.

You may not even realise it, because it’s becoming the ‘new norm’. This ‘new norm’ is pulling us away from our innate abilities of connection, manifestation and synchronicity. Many have been feeling interference or disruption but not sure where it is coming from. Time to rise above this chaos, or drop below it, whatever works for you.

We are hosting this event so we can create a ‘new norm’. Time for the renaissance of your soul, the resurgence of your innate wisdom and ability without interference!

If you feel you are doing well but you want to reach the next level!

If you feel you are on track but there is still a feeling of something missing!

If you feel no matter how hard you try you are unable to manifest your vision! Then this event is for you!

Crystals will be provided on the day to support your journey back to your souls wisdom.
Date/Time: Sunday 10th November 11am to 3pm

Venue: Karma Collab Hub - 47 Lemana Lane, Miami, Queensland

Fee: $150 to include crystals



Jacinta is offering her insightful, enlightening and empowering soul readings during her stay in the Gold Coast.

She is currently taking bookings on Monday 11th November and Tuesday 12th November.


Readings take 90 minutes and the metamorphosis sessions take 3 hours.

ABOUT: Jacinta Murray
Keynote speaker, master teacher trainer, intuitive channel, and life-force enhancer.

Co-founder of and Co-founder of The Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy. My passion, humour and enthusiasm for my work and life is present in my personality and everyday life. I love to travel and ingest other people’s cultures and belief systems.
Having trained in many healing modalities, my experience and knowledge in Metaphysics spans over twenty-five years. I de-mystify and simplify energetic complexities so that those who can connect to me, have the awareness of the latest planetary energy of massive transformation available to them.

My work evolves at the same rate as the latest energy, free of illusion, so we can truly feel its power and reach our fullest potential. The world we live in is about production, and we are made to feel like we are not good enough, from so many sources, even within our personal circle of friends and family.

I love to connect people to their passion, their purpose and help free them from the prison of conformity.

This is the year of Happiness. Let’s have fun!


“Throughout our time together, everything in me was saying “Yes, yes, yes!”. I was totally blown away at the incredible in-depth level and helpfulness of the insights that Jacinta revealed to me during our session. Jacinta is world class and superbly thorough and knowledgeable in her field”.

Aimee Angels

“What an incredible year it has been since my session with Jacinta and Christy. It was a game-changer! They helped me create a new blueprint and explore my own vision for the future. My life path has completely changed. I am now following my passion. I love what I do. I feel so positive and love my life, even though it has been challenging at times. I have managed to break through so many boundaries. Jacinta and Christy are outstanding!".

Margaret Brosnan

"I decided to book in with Jacinta to find clarity in my hectic, messy life. I could instantly feel the incredible connection Jacinta has with a force greater than me. She was incredibly accurate, the guidance was powerfully affirming and brought much need clarity into my life. I have listened to the recording of my reading many times since. When the reading finished, I felt calm, clear and assured of my future."

Sommer Louise

Earlier Event: 9 November
BOOKED OUT - Private Hire
Later Event: 12 November
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