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Mens Gathering - Gold Coast

  • Karma Collab Hub 47 Lemana Lane Miami Australia (map)

Brothers! I see you!!!

We are gathering again at Karma Collab Hub!

A gathering where we as Men can hold space for each other to share authentically and be received with no judgement.

This gathering will be focused on real conversations between Men who want to deepen their connection to SELF and be supported by other men with the same intention.

The old framework and structure of what defines a MAN is not suited to the modern world. It's time we clearly establish a more well-rounded, healthy and authentic Model for what makes you a MAN.

We gather to go beyond the surface, dropping all labels & identities to bare our raw authentic SELF. Remembering the truth of who we are & activating the authentic masculine!

This place offers each MAN the space to remember his TRUTH & develop a KNOWING beyond the condition & programs from the external world.

These gatherings are medicine for a MANS soul. A soul which is craving a brotherhood with true connection.

Build an unbreakable bond with other men who are going through the same feelings, emotions & challenges as you.

Each MAN's journey is his own, yet it is not one he can walk alone. We collectively hold space for each MAN to express, let go & get clear on who they truly are & what they are here to do.

I'm looking forward to sharing space with you on the 20th Brothers!

Location: Karma Collab Hub.
Duration - 3 hours
Maximum Capacity: 20
Investment: $20
Bank details: Jacob O'Neill
bsb: 923100 | acc: 43563101
ref: your name
The flow of the gathering
> Introduction.
> Check-in.
> Drop-in Meditation.
> Discussion - 2 topics, each man has the opportunity to share.
> Gratitude & check-out.
Snacks & Drinks are provided (kombucha, coco water, tea)
This is an alcohol-free event.
If you have any Q's or would like further info please feel free to send me a message. I'd love to connect!
We continue the discussion online via the MANS Movement FB Group (private). let me know if you would like to join.

I see you as your true self & acknowledge your journey home.

Sending love & good vibes your way.