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Boardroom with The Local Business Network (Burleigh)

Start your day off spending time ON your business and with the power of other like-minded business owners as we get down and dirty discussing subjects that you want to talk about.

BoardRoom is a Mastermind Meeting to generate new ideas, insights and solve $20K problems for you and your business. Members work together to help each other with their challenges and give insight into what’s working, so that you can get your business ahead of the competition.

The sessions are super interactive and insightful…we promise you’ll get heaps out of it!

Lock it into your diary now and make the time to work ‘on’ your business. Also, who do you know who’s a business owner? Message them the registration link and invite them along too… Play a Bigger Game in 2019… See you there!

About Amanda:

Amanda is a professional business advisor and coach who has OWNED, BOUGHT, BUILT and SOLD SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES for over a decade.

She has been nationally awarded for her business strengths including Telstra Women in Business Awards (Innovation Category), finalist in Telstra Business Awards and Gold Industry Awards.

Her experience includes managing a team of happy employees, serving B2B and B2C clients across multiple sectors and brand management.

After starting as a personal trainer, Amanda has spent most of her life coaching individuals and large groups and understands how to help you become the best YOU.

A qualified trainer and assessor, her role is to help business owners create their ideal business, holding the belief that healthy businesses build healthy communities.

She is currently completing a Master of Marketing and spent more than 15 years in digital, television, radio and print marketing.